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We have porn addicts, homowhatevers, and young adults trying to find their purpose in life!


Nice to see you! Please read below for my basic information.♡Nicholas Gizmo
♡Trans FtM
♡Aegosexual Homoromantic
♡I love 80s music, art, Sprite, video games, horror movies, comic books, and mangas
♡I hate thunderstorms, the dark, being alone, and small spaces

Fandoms I'm in

Fandoms I'm in:
♡Sonic The Hedgehog
♡The Simpsons
♡The Muppets
♡The Happytime Murders
♡Teddy Ruxpin
♡Sesame Street
♡The Addams Family
♡Ronald McDonald and Friends
♡Avenue Q

My kins:

♡ Floyd Pepper (The Muppets)
♡ Zoot (The Muppets)
♡ Lips (The Muppets)
♡ Dr. Teeth (The Muppets)
♡ Link Hogthrob (The Muppets)
♡ Miss Piggy (The Muppets)
♡ Wayne (The Muppets)
♡ Ernie (Sesame Street)
♡ Count von Count (Sesame Street)
♡ Hermey (Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer)
♡ Snow Miser (The Year Without A Santa Claus)
♡ Mother Nature (The Year Without A Santa Claus)
♡ Jingle (The Year Without A Santa Claus)
♡ Larry Phillips (Happytime Murders)
♡ Lyle (Happytime Murders)
♡ Bumbly (Happytime Murders)
♡ Phil Phillips (Happytime Murders)
♡ Prince Arin (Teddy Ruxpin)
♡ Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)
♡ Jack (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
♡ Orko (He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe)
♡ Garcello (FNF)
♡ Rod (Avenue Q)
♡ Nicky (Avenue Q)
♡ Princeton (Avenue Q)
♡ Norman Osborn (Spider-Man)
♡ Otto Octavius (Spider-Man)
♡ Harry Osborn (Spider-Man)
I know this is a lot of kins, haha. But regardless, even if I kin these characters, don't worry about taking any specific precautions! I'm a very nice person, and I'm just here to vibe and relax.

Scram if you:

-Support any kind of -phobia. (e.g. LGBT+ phobia, cisphobia)-Support incest, support MAP/No MAPs (Pedophilia), support zoophilia, support proshipping/are a proshipper, etc.-Support racism-Are an anti/hate account.-Support cancel/cringe culturePlease unfollow me/leave now if you meet the following. I do not support any of these things, and will not tolerate any sort of disgusting behavior. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Mutuals, please do not tag me in anything that contains

-Suicide (Unless it's for suicide prevention)-Body horror (Anything else is fine. I don't mind gore. I just can't stand body horror)-Sexual abuse (e.g. rape, pedophilia)-Claustrophobia (Fear of being in small spaces)-Child abuse


Gonna update my triggers rq:
-Sailor Moon-Borderlands-Cancel/Cringe culture-Abuse/Suicide/Self Harm-Being forced into doing things I don’t want to do-Being yelled at-Being told to “Act my age” or “grow up” (Fuck people who do this shit. I can act however I want)-Being talked down to (i.e. Being treated like dirt/being talked to like I’m a fucking idiot)-”Whatever” and “Fine” being used passive aggressively-Child abuse (Especially when it comes to s/xual abuse)-People who make fun of my tics and interests. Please don’t do this, even if you’re just joking around. It makes me severely uncomfortable and can cause anxietyAnd specific words to avoid:
Boo (The petname. Hate it); “Duckie” (It was a petname my ex used for me.)

The internet is really really great...
(My socials)

♡ DM me about my Discord ♡